Pep showing Manchester is now Blue after masterclass 2-1 win at Old Trafford

Written by Stephen Wennberg

You probably would have believed it was the game that will determine how the league campaign will shape up going forward. You won’t have been wrong if you had expected a match which will be keenly contested.

Your expectations were not far-fetched but it was just that one side wanted it more. Pep Guadiola’s City side were ready to increase the point gap on the table with a win and it happened.

Jose Mourinho’s United side started the game on the back-foot despite being at home. It was after several threats on his defense that he started pushing forward. The City side were also not an all-round imperious side as they still had a weak link in their defense.

Fabian Delph was playing at left back who have United eventually capitalize on. This was after City had already done the damage.

It was not about the fact that City won the game but it is the testament that the blue half of Manchester is now the dominant team in the City. Both teams have arguably the best two managers in the world at their helm. This shows that it is expected to be a tight affair.

As things continue to manifest like this, City will be winning the league and if at December, almost five months to end of the league, a winner has emerged, it shows the dominating work the side have over other teams including United.

It is the ingenious way Pep have perfected his squad to play to his style of football after a barren first year in England. in both managers are on their second year at their respective club and both are expected to bring silverwares to their clubs.

United won the Europa and Carabao cup last season but the league and champions league is the ultimate that is required of any United manager.

How he will be able to achieve that is now left to be seen but at the moment, Manchester is blue!

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