Is Wenger time up after back to back 3-0 defeat against City?

Arsene Wenger
Written by Stephen Wennberg

Arsenal have lost back to back game by the same score line in a manner that shows Arsenal lack desire. This has brought about the question about the future of Arsene Wenger once again. This humiliating defeat in the hands of Manchester City was just a repeat of the lackluster performance Arsenal put up in big games in recent time.

Arsene Wenger is in the first year of a two-year contract he signed last summer and he might be staying till the end of next season. There are reports however that the management at Arsenal are considering his future at the Emirates.

Several names have been linked with the position if Wenger leaves. These include Carlo Ancelotti, Joachim Löw, Leonardo Jardim, Brendan Rodgers, Mikel Arteta and Thierry Henry.

There have also been claims that Wenger is not willing to step down as he believes he still has what it takes to continue at the job and return Arsenal to the glory days once more.

His tactical approach in some games support this assertion but in a competitive league like the premier league, many have questioned the attitude of Wenger’s team as they always capitulate along the line. With the level of competition going on in the league and the amount of money clubs spend right now, many have questioned a Wenger coached team to match such quality.

Arsenal as a team also have a problem with the fact that the club management decision not to spend huge in this present-day market will definitely affect them in winning the league.

Wenger time at the club might be up but the club as a whole need a total revamp and that will cost a huge amount of money to complete. The process has been seen in how the club brought in Peirre Emerick Aubameyang but more signings like that has to be done soon.

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