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How to Head a Soccer Ball – Best Guide

How to Head a Soccer Ball
Written by Stephen Wennberg

In soccer, there are various skills that are displayed during the match. One of the skills required for a top level professional is the ability to be able to use one’s head to nod the ball. How to head a soccer ball is so important that, it is one of the ways to score a goal in a match.

However, it is often overlooked in the learning process for young players. Most coaches at the youth stages pay little attention to this technique and don’t train the player well enough on what is required on how to head a soccer ball.

The usefulness of this skill are countless in every aspect of play on the soccer field. From the defense line, a defender need to learn how to head a soccer ball in other clear an aerial threat from the opposition. The midfielder also need to be able to create chances with is head, break counter play from opposition and also assist with goals with the head. The most important aspect of learning how to head a soccer ball is for goal scoring.

Every striker has to learn how to score a goal with his head. It is needed if you want to be top of your game in the world. A good striker get a third of his total goals in a season from heading into the net. This is why one has to learn it pretty early in his career.

To make a good career as a top level soccer player, every player has to learn the various types of heading we have in the game. One thing that also have to be learnt is how to overcome the fear that comes with heading the ball which is natural for anyone starting the game. The mindset has to be that “I’m going to attack the ball” instead of “this ball is coming at me fast, and it’s going to hurt”. Saying this without practice won’t help change anything in the game. It is when the player practice with the ball and have that mindset practicing that it comes to play on the field during games.

After overcoming the fear of the ball, the next line is actually heading the ball. To do this, the first thing that every player has to focus on is the ball. Keep your eye on the ball. By looking at the ball, it erodes fear and increase the chance of hitting the ball at the right angle. The next thing to ensure is that you are standing firm on the ground and your positioning is in such a way that makes it comfortable to head the ball. Also, keeping the knees bent help build momentum while trying to head the ball. To give the ball the needed force, the body is needed to be tilted backward in the process of heading it.

For the attackers trying to score goals, jumping up to beat the defenders and moving the head forward is required to have an impactful contact with the ball. This way, the player can be able to make different type of headers ranging from an offensive soccer header to a flick on header to diving header and a glancing header. All these are just to ensure that how to head a soccer ball is effective taught.

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